Mar 5, 2014

chai pear & chocolate pudding tart

when a photographer friend of mine (or technically friend of a friend of mine) asked me to work together on some food, i was exhilarated. it's not every day that you get the chance to work with a pro and benefit from their skills. so, of course, i said yes! and that was basically the start of a powerful collaboration (that has yet to be named - suggestions welcome, by the way) - the start of which i announced earlier this year.

what you get to see here is the first proper output, or you could call it art, surely? christine might be petite and somewhat fairy-like looking (i would never call her just plain 'short', for that i'm way too jealous of people who aren't towering over everything like me... duh), but she's such a bundle of creativity and, most importantly, she's got some deadly skills. basically her camera is attached to her hip, and she does those wonderful things with it. i was mostly in the kitchen while she messed up my entire flat worked her magic behind the lens, but occasionally, i would watch her go at my chai pears from strange angles with even stranger light (i gave her the benefit of the doubt, but, alas, i confess i did have my doubts this would evnetually turn into something worth sharing with you, at first, ahem). turns out that girl is just way more creative with her camera than i could ever dream of being. and the result is utterly staggering, don't you find?

thank you, christine (can i now call you partner in crime? yay!), for the artsiest, most drool-worthy and intriguing pictures this humble blog has ever seen, and for being so chilled on me using them showing them off here. guys, should you ever be in need of a photographer extra-ordinaire, give christine a shout, will you?

this is, by the way, a first also of 'recipes that are written onto pictures' (sorry this sounds so utterly not glamorous, my creativity has deserted me tonight). i mean the recipe that's written onto the beautiful pear duo shot? yeah. that. kinda like the look of that, too. okay, enough with the self-praise. i'm leaving you to drool over our chai pear and chocolate pudding tart now. ta-da!

recipe above (i felt like i needed to point that out, again, chuckle). oh, and the chocolate pudding is my mom's recipe. of course it's been featured before (here), but this appearance is unquestionably way more cool and glamorous. that pudding is a miracle. it's super good, yet surprisingly simple to make and it adds a smile to all people who love a good, old-school dessert that tastes of grandma's kitchen. in one word: my mom's chocolate pudding is a winner (okay, two words then) - and that is even before it was added to a smacking chai pear tart.

picture credit: all pictures taken by christine benz
source of inspiration for the tart: from caitlin of roost blog (sadly, i can't seem to find the original up on her blog anymore to link to directly? so here's the link to my pin on pinterest instead). thank you for pointing out the necessity to mention sources of inspiration.


  1. Copy, or inspiration?? That's the question!! The same looking tart from THE ROOST BLOG!?!? You know what I mean!! Even 7 pears she has..whuaaaa.. NOT NICE AT ALL!!!!

    1. dear anonymous
      you are actually right about that: we did indeed get our inspiration for the pear tart from caitlin's wonderful blog "roost" - in the frenzy, i forgot to add the source of inspiration (added now, you will find it at the bottom of the post) - although, you will find, i always give credits to my fellow bloggers out there.

      however, if you look at caitlin's recipe (btw i don't find it anywhere - or do you? i find it has gone from her blog?) and at mine, you will find that we completely turned it into our own version. from scratch, that is (given that i didn't find her recipe at all).

      i take it you haven't read my post? so i feel like pointing out (again) that the purpose of this project was a photography focus and sort of a joint forces / collab, not to come up with a new dish, but rather pretty pictures that we will enjoy. anyway, it's not a competition. but thank you for being an attentive reader.


    2. ps: oh, and that i'm a fan of caitlin's work is clear because i've had her in my blogroll (right hand side) forever *smirk* so some of my traffic goes back to her, alright, anyway :)

  2. Scarlett, I am sorry that anonymous left such a rude comment. I just found this image in my Pinterest feed and thought to myself "how lovely!". We are all inspired by one way or another and your take on this tart is unique and your own. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :) All the best- Caitlin (of Roost)

    1. caitlin, this / you just made my day (as so many times before). i wish i could crawl into your life, haha. oops, that sounded way more creepy than i intended to. thank you so much for reaching out, though, and for the kind words. please never stop the fabulousness.



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