Oct 5, 2013

bites from adam

hi friends! did you miss me? because i sure as pudding missed you! it's been too long... and so many things to share with you! first, there was the food styling and photography workshop in amsterdam, which was a really good experience, then a couple more days in amsterdam with my new friend heidi. and as soon as i came back i left again for burgundy, france, with work, for another workshop (work-related this time). we spent the week in this awesome french chateau that's over 400 years old. it was like living in a dream. inspiring and intense. i'm now enjoying what is the first proper night in alone in a couple of weeks. it's just on demand tv, my thousands of photos and me... am i having a good time, what do you think? talk later, friends. 

love, s


  1. I'm mentioned in your post. I'm so flattered x

    Such a beautiful blog Scarlett! I love it!

    1. why, of course you are honey! you were the highlight of the trip! so glad we've met.
      love you lots and love our whatsapp communication *lol*
      hugs hugs


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