Oct 31, 2011

vintage coffee table

finally i get to show you my new coffee table. it's made from a vintage (really old) door. only fifteen similar pieces were made, everyone being unique. it's quite a big, signature piece in my living room now. but i like how it is inviting and generous, and offers unlimited occasions and ways to use it. the first night i had it all to myself, so i put the feet up on the coffee table experimentally, turned the tv on and enjoyed the presence of it while eating cauliflower. not sure how many times i glanced at the table in the process, thinking that it's just what i've needed to feel even more comfortable at home. and i've since envisioned all sorts of events en tour it... like a small party (of maybe 5 people), all seated around it on cushions, the flat lit entirely in soft candle light, serving food that comes in various small bowls...

i will show you a more detailed shot of the silver deer champagne cooler with my first christmas decoration this year in my next post. i'm thrilled - over both, the table and the approaching christmas season, which i use as an excuse to light candles every night. got to go to sleep now, though... see you soon! good night xox


  1. Just love that table... where do you get those things from?

  2. hello bettina
    glad you like it! i got the table from denmark somewhere. it's a unique piece, it's made of an old door. the big plate is from moebel pfister in switzerland, the white jug with the bird on top is a gift from my mom, the silver votive lights are from globus in switzerland. the skull candle is a gift from my friend, she bought it in hawaii i think at d-squared or something? and finally the silver champagne cooler with the deer heads - well i think that's a classic that you can find anywhere with good tableware.
    hope that helps...


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